by Tim Stratton In a previous post, I discussed and explained one of my favorite arguments for the existence of God known as the Kalam Cosmological Argument [1]. This argument is based on logical deduction and utilizes science to confirm what we can already prove logically. From the deductive conclusions of the Kalam, we can rationally infer the… Read More

Public discourse is any branch of reason intended for use by the population at large. By contrast, private discourse is reasoning used among members of an organization be it a family, a church, a group of friends, or a club. The patterns of thought and discourse are similar in both cases with the primary exception… Read More

By Guest By Mike S. Adams Dear Raymond: Thanks for your kind letter. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to me for advice concerning recent developments in your church home. Your question to me was pretty direct. Given your pastor’s recent declaration that he intends to grow the church membership by 10,000 in five… Read More

by Tim Stratton[spacer] Some in academia today claim that science has “killed God!” They do not mean that in a literal sense. What they hope to communicate is that science has removed need for God, or stronger, that science has demonstrated the non-existence of God. Statements like these lead many to think these two concepts – God… Read More

by Tim Stratton Atheists love to label themselves as “freethinkers.” However, if they happen to be right, about the non-existence of God, it follows that it’s highly implausible that the immaterial aspect of humanity called a “soul” exists. This has led me to the conclusion that it is impossible for an atheist to really be… Read More

[For previous updates, see here.] Melinda is still in critical condition but is stable with occasional complications that the medical team deals with as they come up—completely routine for this kind of injury. Stable is good as her brain heals, so no news is truly good news at this point. Melinda is in the best… Read More

We have good news about Greg’s book The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important That Happens in Between! Both The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today have named it the winner of the apologetics/evangelism category in their annual book awards. (Even more good news for you: Right now, the… Read More

There are many truths about God that can be known. These truths are revealed truths. That is, they are revealed to us by God. After all, only God can tell us what He is like. And He tells us what He is like in two ways: special revelation and general revelation. He communicates through His… Read More