“In Christian apologetics, no historical argument surpasses the resurrection of Jesus for its sheer evidential force.”1 Regardless of such strong evidence there have been, and possibly always will be, objections as to whether or not Jesus physically rose from the dead. There are books both objecting to, and supporting the arguments surrounding the resurrection of… Read More

Chapter Directors and student members of multiple Ratio Christi chapters, plus members of RC’s national leadership team, gathered in Asheville, N.C. for s​pring break in March​ 2015. It was a combination ​retreat, street evangelism effort, and apologetics learning experience. Our National Training Director Tony Feiger gives us a summary:​ “I decided at the last minute… Read More

Here are the podcasts from the Ratio Christi at SHSU chapter discussion meetings. …read more Via:: RatioChristi.org… Read More

(Reprinted from the blog of RC College Prep Director Michael C. Sherrard) Everyone is peddling fear. Spread it then leveraged it to promote personal agendas. This is how “leaders” grab power these days. Well, while everyone else is fear mongering, here is a bit of hope. There is an entire generation of Christ followers seeking… Read More