There is a lot of chatter about whether it is culturally appropriate for Christians to use the term “Merry Christmas.”  Well, it is amazing that our culture has degenerated to the point  where we have to consider whether we will offend someone by saying a phrase that is intended to be a gesture of goodwill,… Read More

  Lost in the static of the presidential election on November 8th are the Oklahoma Judicial Retention Elections. A Judicial Retention Election is a periodic process whereby voters are asked whether an incumbent judge should remain in office for another term. The judge, who does not face an opponent, is removed from the position if a majority of voters… Read More

  I recently revisited China with the Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society, Inc. Their mission is to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples and leave self-sustaining Churches in the fields they serve. It was founded by missionary Albert Reiton in 1909, who traveled on a one-way ticket to Hong Kong and founded the organization’s… Read More

Secularists push a narrative that as the world is progressing toward a secularized future because education and technology is allowing us to do away with the myths of the past. This line of thinking is used as an polemic against religious groups (Christians in particular), by insinuating that the only reasons they are still Christians… Read More