by Tim Stratton In a previous post, I discussed and explained one of my favorite arguments for the existence of God known as the Kalam Cosmological Argument [1]. This argument is based on logical deduction and utilizes science to confirm what we can already prove logically. From the deductive conclusions of the Kalam, we can rationally infer the… Read More

by Tim Stratton[spacer] Some in academia today claim that science has “killed God!” They do not mean that in a literal sense. What they hope to communicate is that science has removed need for God, or stronger, that science has demonstrated the non-existence of God. Statements like these lead many to think these two concepts – God… Read More

It is curious how many early scientists saw no conflict between science and religion. On May 24, 1844, when Samuel Morse sent the first telegraphic message by the code that bears his name, he drafted the following 19 word sentence to so that God would get the glory for the discovery: “What hath God wrought?”… Read More

It is interesting how atheists call themselves “Free thinker” reflecting on the entailments of this worldview. Of course, the concept is that the skeptic will throw off the supposed shackles of religion and free the skeptics autonomous reason from the subjugation any ultimate being. The Free thinker is then guided by his own reason and… Read More