The current atheist script tries to tell us that religious beliefs are harmful,  inherently divisive and the source of all violence and war in the world. It seems, anytime a person of religious convictions is involved in any conflict it is condemned as a religious war even if the actual motivation for the conflict is greed or hate.

Of course, there have been Christians (or other religions) who have perpetrated acts of hate and violence, but assuredly at least some of these actions were not religiously motivated, but rather came from  self-interest and greed. This would especially be the case when those actions are contrary to the core beliefs of that religion.

Religion doesn’t have a monopoly divisive thought. Any truth claim will be divisive to those who disagree with that position. I guess you can criticize Religion of believing in objective truth, but then you would be objectively asserting that there is no objective truth. No, subjectivism is not the answer.

Sometimes, we have to just chalk it up to people behaving badly and not try to lay the burden of all the wrongs of the world on religion. As if a religiously scrubbed down science-based society of secular humanist would not have any violence or war.