Pro-Life is about Preserving Human Life

Abortion has been a hot topic lately. Most people are passionate about which side they fall in the debate. Most people associate pro-life arguments with religion most likely because so many evangelicals are pro-life. When looking at the key assumptions of the pro-life position, however, you will find it is fundamentally not a religious issue.

Key issue is preservation of life

Without a doubt, the key issue for pro-life is that abortion destroys a human life. To many, abortion is murder. Though most religious writings teach us not to take life, so do our moral intuitions. We do not need sacred writings to tell us this. No one would say laws against murder are innately religious, neither are arguments against abortion.

What is Human Life

The big question concerning abortion is whether the unborn child is considered human life or a person. If it is, then it seems no argument trying to justify abortion is sufficient. Most pro-choice advocates do not consider abortion murder because they consider the fetus a mere clump of cells. It is beyond the purpose of this blog to discuss when life or person-hood begins but it is important to note that these are not religious questions. When  life begins is a matter of science and how person-hood is defined is a an anthropological question.

Belief in the Soul

It may be that the Christian belief in the soul leads to a belief that life begins at conception making abortion murder at every point of the pregnancy. there may be some merit to the argument, but it is really as issue of person-hood rather than abortion in general. Also, belief in the soul is not limited to or dependent on religion.

No Religion

Where Does Man Find Value?

The most likely place for pro-life arguments to be grounded in religion Is the intrinsic value imputed upon man by virtue of his being created in the image of God. The Declaration of Independence states that certain inalienable rights come from our creator and that includes the right to life. If we are not created beings but products of time and chance, then we have no rights, or at least no rights that aren’t alienable because they are granted from the state. This is a religious position, but it is only a ground for the value of life. One could ground human value elsewhere, though it would not be as firm a foundation.

What Difference Does it Make?

Some might say, so what? What difference does it make? The big issue is the current standing of religious arguments in the public square. Many suggest that a religious argument has no place there and use this concept to try to silence the pro-life voice as tantamount to pushing a religious opinion. Its odd because no one thinks of preserving human life in general as merely a religious activity

Human Value in a Modern Society

Abortion ends up being an indictment on modern secular thinking. As our post-Christian world has moved further and further from Christian assumptions the our sense of the intrinsic value of man has faded and modern society has started to devalue human life. Of course, some abortion advocates deny this as they deny the person-hood of the unborn child. To them, abortion does not really destroy human life.

Increasingly, the status of the unborn child doesn’t matter. Pro-choice has never been able to say definitively when life begins. It they really cared about human life, they would be careful to but abortion limits well before human life could possibly begin. The recent shift to full term abortions and complaints about heartbeat bills shows a shocking lack of concern for life if indeed this was ever a concern.

Arguments of bodily integrity do not even try to make a case for a lack of person-hood for the child but just prioritize the needs of the mother over the child. Where else do we do this in society?

Pro-Life: Not a Religious Position

Ultimately, the issue of abortion concerns whether it results in the taking of human life. Calling it a religious argument is a red-herring designed to cloud the issue. Christians should be against abortion but not try to make it a sectarian issue or think of it only as a religious issue. The next time someone says to quit pushing your religion on them, say you’re not.  Everyone should be pro-life.