by Tim Stratton Atheists love to label themselves as “freethinkers.” However, if they happen to be right, about the non-existence of God, it follows that it’s highly implausible that the immaterial aspect of humanity called a “soul” exists. This has led me to the conclusion that it is impossible for an atheist to really be… Read More

Is It Too Soon To Be An Atheist? Published by Matt Blair on June 9th, 2015 As a Christian I have been fascinated by the ongoing discussions about the existence of God. On one hand, Christians have built their case for the existence of God based on things like: a finite and finely tuned universe,… Read More

It is interesting how atheists call themselves “Free thinker” reflecting on the entailments of this worldview. Of course, the concept is that the skeptic will throw off the supposed shackles of religion and free the skeptics autonomous reason from the subjugation any ultimate being. The Free thinker is then guided by his own reason and… Read More